"Lanzhou" Central Asia International Freight Train Makes its Maiden Trip from Lanzhou New Area
Date: 2015-07-05 Visits:

  At 10:30am of July 5, with the blowing of the siren, the “Lanzhou” Central Asia International Freight Train (Lanzhou - Alma-Ata) with SINOTRANS&CSC as its main operator, carrying 44 containers, left Lanzhou New Area North Station for Alma-Ata. The two cities are 2,683 kilometers apart.
  Wang Sanyun, Party Secretary and Director of the NPC Standing Committee of Gansu Province, attended the launching ceremony and announced the departure of the train. Also in attendance were Liu Weiping, Deputy Party Secretary and Governor of Gansu Province, Dong Jianjun, Vice President of SINOTRANS&CSC, Yu Haiyan, Party Committee Member of Gansu Province and Party Secretary of Lanzhou, and other leaders.
  At the launching ceremony, Dong Jianjun said, the opening of the “Lanzhou” Central Asia International Freight Train is a new attempt of the Group and the local government to jointly build the international logistics channel. The Group has made use of its network advantage, sought unity in thinking, and taken positive actions by coordinating and organizing the source of goods of its subsidiaries. SINOTRANS Gansu Branch is responsible for the collection and delivery of the local goods. Thanks to the joint efforts of the parties concerned, all the work including goods collection, customs declaration and reporting for review for the first freight train was completed within less than two months. Under the support of China Railway Container Transportation Co., Ltd. and the relevant departments of Gansu Province and Lanzhou City, and with the collaboration of Lanzhou Railway Station, Lanzhou Customs, and Gansu Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, all the preliminary work for the operation of the maiden trip was completed with a great success. After the opening of the “Lanzhou” Central Asia International Freight Train, Lanzhou will become the most convenient and efficient land hub to Mid-west Asia and Europe.
  2015 is the year in which the “One Belt, One Road” initiative will be implemented in an all-round way. The top priority of the initiative is to strengthen interconnection. Gansu is the strategic channel connecting to the New Eurasia Land Bridge and the transportation hub connecting Southwest China with Northwest China. It is an important portal for China’s westward opening-up and the strategic base for sub-regional cooperation. At the same time, it is also a place that express trains for Central Asia and Europe must pass through. The opening of the “Lanzhou” Central Asia International Freight Train is an important move to strengthen the construction of interconnection between Northwest China and the countries along the Silk Road, a move that is of positive significance to accelerating the pace of building Lanzhou into the hub city along the Silk Road and opening the inland trade channel linking inland areas with Central Asia and Europe. Meanwhile, it is also an embodiment that SINOTRANS&CSC has given play to its own advantages and taken an active part in the construction of the international logistics channel.



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